Product design sub for indie hackers2138 USDC / mo
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Product design sub for indie hackers2138 USDC / mo

Monthly amplifying product design subscription for degens, indie hackers, solopreneurs and bootstrappers

This is a lighter intensity sub vs amply partner


  • Unlimited design requests.
  • One at a time.
  • Up to 5 days turnaround.
  • Unlimited iterations.
  • Private Slack/Telegram channel for quick consulting, ideas etc.

How it works

  1. Subscribe.
  2. Get an onboarding email. 2.1 Optional intro call
  3. Request designs - Join your private slack channel and a trello board to request, manage and track progress.

Typical requests

amply is focused on all things product to get the UX right, UI clean, Brand on point and growth certain.

  • Consulting.
  • Design audit.
  • Website design.
  • Logo.
  • Branding.
  • MVP.
  • Product design.
  • Product updates.
  • Product hunt launch assets.
  • Other growth marketing needs.
  • Simple Framer pages or updates.

What we're not working on, at least directly:

  • Anything outside Figma/Framer.
  • Complex graphics.
  • Animations.
  • 3d.
  • Coding.

Recent work samples in Figma

Instant availability

No contracts to sign, no hiring hassle. Fixed fee. Get onboarded in max 24h and start describing what you need, put in as many details as possible for a faster turnaround and better quality.

One request at a time

You can put in unlimited requests and then we can work together, prioritise and break them down into more digestible pieces to be delivered in time.


No meetings. No scheduling. Only a chat to clarify or share ideas + trello for managing, tracking and reviewing requests.

Indie partner is not a good fit if

  • You're an established company with lots of design needs, and want quick iteration for a month+
  • You require meetings.
  • You don't need ongoing design help.

Full FAQs in notion

Book an intro here through

Who's behind?

Just me, Maksim! Feel free to reach out and see what I'm up to: telegram, warpcast, twitter

Paused due to limited availability, but you can still reach out through the contacts above

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