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Believe in Something0.006 ETH / mo

Believe in Something is a Higher-aligned grant-giving organization stewarded by jihad.eth. Our goal is to build a network of definite optimism across fields and interests by scouting, funding, and highlighting writer-practitioners working on bringing specific, ambitious visions of the future to life.

The grants program will be seeded with 3.5 million ↑higher tokens.


Subscribing to Believe in Something is an act of patronage – you're supporting definitely optimistic futures and betting on their outcomes.

Additionally, subscribers will receive...

  • Access to token-gated group chat.
  • Weekly subscriber-only newsletter.
  • Membership in Belief Capital, a group dedicated to collecting onchain and IRL artifacts from BIS grantees and their scenes.
  • Access to Scouting Program, an opportunity to get paid for surfacing BIS grantees.

Learn more about Believe in Something here.

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