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Coop Records Club0.010 ETH / mo

Coop Records is an onchain label with 250+ releases.

We aim to release one record a day from emerging onchain artists and established artists who are new to being onchain.

We’ve hosted 15+ events at conferences like ETHDenver (x2), NFT NYC (x2), NFT LA, Devcon, ETHCC, Permissionless and ETH Tokyo.

Subscribers will receive one edition of a Coop Records song airdropped directly to their wallet everyday and priority access to Coop Records events.

To date - we’ve worked with acts like Daniel Allan, San Holo, RŌHKI, Lyrah, 33 Below, Pluko, Baker Grace and Felly. You can view our full catalog here.

Our focus is independent talent with 100k - 1M monthly listeners on Spotify.

Coop Records has driven over 160 ETH in volume across 125,000 mints and 60,000 unique collectors.

See for yourself using our Dune Dashboard.

Bonus Perks

All perks are redeemable by messaging @cooprecs on Warpcast. These perks are subject to change.

3 Months:

  • Your choice of 3 free editions of any Coop Records songs that are not currently sold out.
  • Guest List to Coop Records hosted events like Farconcert and Midnight Diner.

6 Months:

  • Access to Coop Records Curators - a private chat giving you the ability to pitch songs to be released on the label.
  • “Coop Records Classic” - A bundle of 10 editions from our past releases.

12+ Months:

  • Pro-rata proceeds of 10% of Coop Records onchain royalties paid directly through 0xSplits once per quarter.
  • Early access to all new Coop Records products and services.

How it Works

We mint records through as open editions on Base as “free mints” which costs 0.000777 ETH after fees.

The subscription is priced at a discount to what collecting each song individually would cost.

Assuming 30 days and a 0.000777 ETH mint fee - collectors would spend an estimated 0.0233 ETH per month.

The Coop Records subscription will start at 0.01 ETH per month, or a 57% discount to what it costs to mint an edition every day.

Coop Records takes 10% of onchain sales, with the remaining 90% going to the artist and their collaborators.

By subscribing, you will join a group of other curators and collectors who are passionate about discovering new music - airdropped to your wallet every single day.

Why Subscribe?

Curation has always lived at the heart of music.

The Coop Records team were active curators at ThisSongIsSick - the former largest account on Soundcloud that broke artists like ODESZA, GRiZ, Illenium, Marshmello, Logic and Flume.

We see a similar opportunity to bring music discovery onchain and have 10+ years of industry experience working with and finding artists before they blow up.

We live and breathe music, and see Coop Records as the main vehicle to bring it onchain.

By subscribing you will join us on our mission to build a community owned label and have a front row seat to artist’s onchain journey.

Who is Coop Records?

Coop Records is a team of four onchain natives with 10+ years of music industry experience.

We’ve previously worked at projects like FWB, Audius, Variant, Catalog and Bonfire and music management companies like Redlight and Elleven11.

We were recipients of Optimism RetroPGF Round 3 funding and are constantly playing with novel ways to reward and incentivize onchain music.

If you’re looking for exposure to great music and great events - look no further than Coop Records.

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