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Gorilla Sun0.005 ETH / mo

Welcome to the Gorilla Sun Hypersub! Here's a run-down of what you get by collecting this subscription token:

Primary Perks:

  1. Monthly Art Airdrop: a monthly time-limited open edition of a piece of mine minted on the GRLSN ERC-1155 manyfold contract on Base. Airdropped directly to your wallet. Link to Contract
  2. Generative Art & Creative Coding Tutorials: a mid-monthly token gated tutorial over on paragraph.xyz Link to Gorilla Sun on Paragraph
  3. End of Month Newsletter: an end of month newsletter that recaps some of the important happenings in generative art and web3.
  4. Allow List Spot for upcoming releases (long-form generative art and other)
  5. 8% Revenue Share: hypersub makes it possible to share a part of revenue with subscribers - strength in numbers!

Secondary Perks:

  1. Complimentary premium subscription for the Gorilla Sun Blog: Generative Art, Creative Coding deep dives, Exclusive Newsletters - all of the content on paragraph just in Web2 format over on the blog (coming soon) Link to Gorilla Sun
  2. Access to private Warpcast chatgroup and Discord server: if you want to pick my brain about ideas that's the place to be (coming soon)
  3. Voting Rights: vote on the topics of upcoming content.

Publishing Schedule:

  • Weekly: Newsletter that recaps the important happenings in generative art, creative coding, web3, tech and ai (free for everyone)
  • Monthly: middle of the month tutorial on a specific Generative Art or Creative Coding topic + an end of month recap about all the important things in the world of Generative Art (both token gated via this hypersub subscription token)

A note on Web2 Subscriptions:

Web2 subscriptions are coming soon to the Gorilla Sun Blog! As soon as I managed to complete the new desing. If you choose to sign up to the Gorilla Sun Blog the regular Web2 way (credit card), you naturally also get all of Hypersub subscription perks if desired - simply set up a wallet and reach out to me (I will set up a form when that happens). The token gated articles can then also be found in pay-walled format over there.


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