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m/branson0.010 ETH / mo

subscribe to m/branson and receive monthly digital art, early access to moar art + entry into raffles for 1/1 art. there will be a group chat, there will be joy and eventually, a print shop discount too.

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monthly subscriber edition airdrops

each month all subscribers will receive a 1/x edition. the size of the edition will fluctuate with the number of unique subscribers and will be targeted for the first half of the month. if that changes due to holiday plans, subscribers will be notified.

early access to select mints

subscribers will be notified of select future drops and may either be pre-sale or reserve allowlisted depending on the platform and mint type (e.g. generative, open edition, curated, etc).

quarterly raffles for 1/1 artwork

1 unique subscriber* every quarter will receive a 1/1 artwork, minted to m/b’s self-titled ethereum erc-721 contract. first raffle will be held end of may 2024. *to be selected at random.

m/b group chat

receive access to a members-only warpcast group chat.

stay updated

join m/branson’s warpcast channel for updates on every subscriber benefit as they drop and evolve (future print/plot shop discount anyone?)

earn subscriber rewards

long term subscriptions are incentivized with earnings toward 8% of all subscription fees. read more about hypersub's subscriber rewards.

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