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Muse Studio0.008 ETH / mo

With a Muse Studio subscription, you join a select group of supporters who gain access to exclusive benefits:

  • Weekly Art Airdrops: Subscribers receive new and exclusive, limited-edition digital artworks every week minted on the Muse Editions contract and airdropped to your wallet.

  • Exclusive mints: In addition to the airdrops, you'll be allowlisted to a number of exclusive free mints.

  • Monthly Raffles: Your subscription is your monthly raffle entry for 1/1 artworks. Include your email in your subscription for automatic entry into raffles for physical art pieces, and selected merchandise.

  • Early Access to my web3 app developments and sneak peeks at new art projects before anyone else, with Muse Token as your all-access pass.

  • Stay in the know: Join the warpcast channel for updates on every subscriber benefit. You can also join the telegram.

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