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UFO Supporter Pass0.007 ETH / mo

UFO is a network of artists, musicians, writers, founders, builders, labels and collectives from around the world.

We are an onchain radio station, zine and club for music, arts and ideas since 2022.

Welcome to Season 4.

You’re invited to become a UFO Supporter.


  • Supporter access for the new version of ufo.fm

  • Club benefits from UFO sponsors

  • Exclusive live broadcasts

  • Podcast mints airdrop on autopilot

  • Early access for releases

  • Priority for events

  • 20% off UFO merch

You will be a club member for the creation of an onchain radio station on Optimism, Base and Zora.

Accelerating the UFO network to bring more podcasts, radio shows, zines, newsletters and releases to the air.

Amplifying initiatives in collaboration with artists, musicians, builders and cultural organizations in the onchain scene.

How are Supporter funds allocated?

50% for contributors

30% for community initiatives

20% for operations

0.007 ETH per month is set so that Supporters are saving ETH when collecting from UFO as mints flow to you via airdrops.

That's right, you're subscribed to UFO onchain.

Then we add higher benefits.

As always, it's good to be early as subscribers share 10% of subscription revenue.

The way it works is you're minting time as a Supporter and will be informed when your time is running out. There's no auto-renew. It's totally up to you.

If you're not ready to jump in or don’t have funds to become a Supporter, there's other ways to be in the loop and support UFO.

  • Join /ufo on Farcaster
  • Subscribe to news.ufo.fm
  • Listen to UFO podcasts
  • Tell your friends about UFO

Read more about Season 4 at news.ufo.fm

We're aiming higher.

Fetching subscribers...