0xDesign Vending Machine8800 USDC per mo
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0xDesign Vending Machine8800 USDC per mo

Get direct and instant access to a Discord channel where you can ask me (0xdesigner) for product design support.

After minting your token, head to the Discord to get started.

How it works:

This subscription token gives you access to a gated discord chat where we can collaborate.

Upon joining, you'll verify ownership of this token and be onboarded into your own private channel.

Your Discord access expires when your token expires.

Examples of what you can ask for:

  1. Audit your product or feature
  2. Redesign a screen or flow
  3. Imagine a new feature

What you can’t ask for:

  1. Build a website
  2. Code anything
  3. Design a social media post
  4. Promote your product

Instant design requests

Describe what you need in as little or as much detail as possible and I'll make design suggestions based on what I know. I'll sometimes ask clarifying questions, but the goal is to support as efficiently as possible.

One request at a time

You can ask me for as many things as you'd like and we'll work together to prioritize and break down asks into trackable requests. Most requests can be completed one by one in 2 business days on average. Sometimes faster. If your ask is complicated it might take longer, but I’ll always communicate when you can expect to see progress.

Seamless progress tracking

Making a request is as simple as sending a Discord message. All asks are converted to tasks directly in Discord, where you can track and monitor progress at any time.

Async Communication

No calls. No scheduling ping pong. Just a simple chat to share ideas and designs.

Designed in Figma

I use Figma for all design projects, making any development and handoff as simple and easy as possible.


Disclaimer: This token enables access to design advisory and consulting on a request-basis, and does not entitle the holder to a full-time freelance effort. I reserve the right to refuse work if it’s not a good fit and will provide refunds for unused time at my discretion.

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