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Brock's Mega Big Town0.025 ETH per mo

Welcome to Mega Big Town!

What is this Subscription About?!

I'd like to use my creativity and technical skills to build solutions for the greater good. I will take crowd-sourced issues/friction points from my subscribers and pick ones that I think are the best suited and exciting for a build to help empower others. I want to collectively build a digital world (mega big town!) where anything is possible on Farcaster and the greater ecosystem. Building tools, products, and solutions for all with hopes to be supported by the community to continue as an experiment.

What do subscribers get?!

They will get access to everything we build together! Not only as hosted tools/services where it makes sense -- but also as open-source GitHub repos for others to remix as they wish. I will also be building in public with Q&A sessions weekly as well as the ability to comment as things happen. Each month, we'll open up to our subscriber base to source what we should tackle next together to expand our digital Mega Big Town!

What are the risks?!

Maybe we don't make enough to sustain and have to close it down... but at least we tried and can maybe pivot into something even better!

Is this just for developers?!

No. It's more for everyone. Sure part of the subscription is access to all the code/stuff we make -- but the real goal is to make things that are easy to use for ALL. It's not "hey I'll pay you monthly to make me a website" it's more "What to know what would be great for anyone who ____?" Then we brainstorm a solution, and execute for the betterment of everyone!

My goals with this:

  • Help people
  • Solve problems or remove frictions
  • Empower the next group of people who have barriers between them trying or succeeding.
  • Have fun together

As the platform allows, I would love to attempt to increase our sustainable % for reverse equity to subs by having a large number of subscribers that support this wildly ambitious goal. (don't sign up if 'making money' is your goal. this is a dream and it may not happen, it's just a hope to try to create more than I consume.)

(Ex: If we need $XX/month for budget and we're past that, increase our % revenue share so you all share the difference. lower it if we go below the budget. repeatedly adjust overtime to keep it going but also give back.)

Who are you?!

I'm Brock. @breadcat on Farcaster! I roleplay as a breadcat from space. I'm weird. I'm excited. I am a father. I am a developer/creative technologist. I'm a world builder. I'm the co-host of the Superchain Spotlight with Rachel Wilkins! (Here's an episode: Episode 2!) I created and love Feesh. I love music (especially live music) -- and most of all, I love making people happy, helping, and solving problems creatively. I have been bringing ideas to reality by any means necessary for the past 25+ years. I want to do that full time and I think this is a chance to make that happen in a way that is win-win-win for all.

Why me?

Its something I'm passionate about and lately I've built a lot of stuff rapid-fire on Farcaster and I'd love to take it further. Some of those are: -- No-code free frames via
-- /higher tipping action -- artist collab frames with @popwonder and @mumbot and @natebear -- A multiplayer game of TAG using frames, actions, bots, and websites (in beta now.) /ftag channel for more.

I truly want to keep helping unlock value for others at scale. If this sounds interesting to you, give me a chance! No pressure if it's not for you but I'd appreciate you sharing it if you think it may be for someone else so we have the best shot at making a Mega Big Town together where we can all win together!



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