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Buoy Pro0.004 ETH per mo

Buoy is the best way to stay on top of the conversation about your company, product, or brand on Farcaster. It's a powerful search engine + keyword alerting system so you never miss the casts you care about.

Join the Buoy Pro Hypersub to get

  • Access to Pro features on iOS, Android, and Web
  • 10% subscriber rewards
  • 5% referral rewards
  • Priority Support

Earn Rewards

Buoy shares 10% of Hypersub revenue with subscribers. The earlier and longer you subscribe, the greater your reward. You can also get rewarded for referring new subscribers too.

Casters use Buoy to

  • Support their customers
  • Monitor the conversation about their brand
  • Never miss an $airdrop
  • See what people are saying about their /channel
  • Follow interesting topics globally

Buoy Pro Features

  • Unlimited Buoys
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Advanced Search Filters
    • Filter by Cast Author
    • Filter by Channel
    • Exclude Words
    • Exclude Channels
    • Exclude Users
    • Exclude Replies
    • PowerBadge
  • Sort results by Date
  • Sort results by Top Casts over day, week month, year, and all time
  • Cast Actions
    • PowerWatch Cast
    • Watch Cast

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