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Coop Records Club0.01 ETH per mo

Coop Records is an onchain label with 300+ releases from over 70 artists.

We release 5 records per week and allow collectors and artists to share in the collective upside of onchain mints.

We’ve hosted 15+ events along with our new Midnight Diner series in LA.

Subscribers will receive Coop Records drops directly to their wallet and access to our events.

You can view our full catalog here.

Coop Records has driven over 200 ETH in volume across 250,000 mints and 72,000 unique collectors.

See for yourself using our Dune Dashboard.

Free Tier

Receive one Coop Records release per week.

Paid Tier

Receive every eligible Coop Records release.

Participate in 10% of our onchain earnings.

Who is Coop Records?

Coop Records is a team of onchain natives with 10+ years of music industry experience.

We’ve previously worked at projects like FWB, Audius, Variant, Catalog and Bonfire and music management companies like Redlight and Elleven11.

We were recipients of Optimism RetroPGF Round 3 funding and are constantly playing with novel ways to reward and incentivize onchain music.

If you’re looking for exposure to great music and great events - look no further than Coop Records.

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