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You gain group chat access and support our open source and educational contributions to the wider ecosystem. See other Tiers for more exclusive benefits.

Onboarding here:

devFC has two parts a private community and public channels: Subscribers can join the private community, while all educational resources once finished as well as some discussions happen in open channels, which enhance the whole developer ecosystem. As a paid /devFC member you gain • Gated Group Chat Access: The group chat will help you learn and ship projects by getting direct feedback and advice from other professionals. • Early Access and Exclusive Content: Early access to new content in the works like documentation and tooling so you can add your feedback, exclusive information that can only be shared/tested in small groups. Additionally depending on your tier you can directly add documentation to the content list. • Free 1:1 Consulting Time: Schedule free consulting sessions each month from professionals at like @samuellhuber, which help your ideas become products and your products to take the next step. We can help you draft development specifications to enable your ideas to become reality. By subscribing you gain access to curated high-quality learning resources, practical chats to support you while debugging and learning, and a supportive community of peers. /devFC enables you to enhance your skills, stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, and potentially advance your career. PS: Your access maybe revoked at any time in case you compromise the integrity of the private group chat by

  • leaking information
  • behaving inappropriatly
  • advertising without prior approval or scamming In case it gets too crowded we may keep the capped supply and expand public channels. We reserve the right to remove non contributing members in this case to ensure the highest bias towards action possible. The above requirements will be applied on subjective judgment from the team. By subscribing you agree to honor these requirements.
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