GM Farcaster Cup o' Mole0.0016 ETH per mo
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GM Farcaster Cup o' Mole0.0016 ETH per mo

GM Farcaster is the first and only live stream news show and podcast covering the Farcaster ecosystem hosted and produced by @NounishProf and @Adrienne.

GM Farcaster fills three important needs for Farcaster's continued and sustained growth: culture, education, and connection. While Dan and Varun rightfully focus on developers to create novel applications on their way to finding product market fit, the rest of us are empowered to build the culture we want to see in the world. (Did Gandhi say that?) As the only Farcaster news show, we are not just providing a useful service, we're protecting the Farcaster scenius and culture of creatives - one built around idealists who don't just talk about a decentralized future but are taking action to create it.

Over the past 6 months we have live streamed 3x a week, week after week, and have already put out 72 episodes (and counting). Plus a bonus episodes including interviews from Eth Denver. We have a loyal and steadily growing audience. We have received rave reviews. We ran a small experiment and confirmed there is appetite from both individuals and brands to support the show.

We've done all this work as a side gig and passion project.

And we are now taking the bold step to pivot away from our full-time jobs and go all in on growing GM Farcaster and building Farcaster native media and the GM Farcaster Network.

Introducing GM Farcaster Sponsorship

Tiers 1 and 2 are designed for individuals and will be available through hybersub, with Tiers 3 and 4 designed for brands via allowlist only. (dc us on warpcast for interest form)

Tier 1: Cup o' Mole, 0.0016 ETH per month

  • One episode airdropped per month during subscription, chosen by the GM Farcaster team plus periodic bonus episodes

  • Airdrop of episode 38 with Dan Romero

  • Monthly virtual meetup in the GM Farcaster green room

  • Token gated merch and events (coming soon)

  • Listed in show credits during subscription

  • Exclusive allowlist to the GM Farcaster monthly art drop

Thanks for supporting the show and the GM Farcaster Network we are building!

(cup o' wowow also available on hypersub)

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