GOD IS A GLITCH! 👽0.006 ETH per mo
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GOD IS A GLITCH! 👽0.006 ETH per mo

🛸 Join the clan to receive monthly glitch art airdrops, win a 1/1, casual wip streamings, glitched PFP and access to data token chat on WC.

gønz glitch artworks

1 month subs

  • ⭐ Every time I mint a piece on Base and Zora I will airdrop you an edition (around 2-3 per month).

3 months subs

  • ⭐ Everything above plus…
  • ⭐ Get a chance to win a 1/1 artwork (~0.15 eth)
  • ⭐ Access to a token-gated warpcast chat where I’ll WIP upcoming projects and share IRL events.
6 months subs
  • ⭐ Everything above plus.
  • ⭐ I will Glitch your PFP + send you a gif animation.
  • ⭐ Access to spontaneous visual streams through Unlonly App.

🖼️ 1/1 Holders on ETH can request for 3 months subscription.

📬 Stay Updated Follow God is a Glitch! Warpcast channel.

🌐 Visit my artworks Follow on WC and X.

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