Patrons of Blue0.01 ETH per mo
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Patrons of Blue0.01 ETH per mo

Patrons of Blue, is a space for art enthusiasts and collectors, anchored by my vision to infuse the world with the calming and peaceful essence of blue.

12-month timeline - starting feb 2024

monthly editions drops airdropped to all active patrons at the time of snapshot

raffles for two 1/1s (at the end of 6m and 12m) patrons with a full set are eligible to enter the raffle

art commissions airdropped each artwork commissioned by me, from other artists to add more blues to BlueOM will be airdropped to select active patrons at the time of the drop. edition size may vary as per artists' wishes.

allowlist for future drops with projects current roster of projects include The Memes by 6529, Complaint Cards (not) by 6529, The Meme Lab by 6529 and Based Management

BlueGM raffle (COMPLETE) patrons with a subscription of 6m or more will be entered into a raffle for my meme card ‘BlueGM’. every additional month subscribed on top of 6 increases your chances (capped at 12 months with 2x the chances) -

token gated subscriber chat (see drops tab)

building a blue open metaverse, one blue artwork at a time.

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