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Rehash Podcast Club0.005 ETH per mo

Rehash: A Web3 Podcast is the first community owned podcast hosted by @ddwchen where collectors decide which guests appear on the podcast through an onchain vote.

After 100+ episodes and 8 seasons, Rehash is launching its first delivery service to bring each new episode straight to your wallet.

New episodes are released once per week while the season is live, and bonus episodes and additional perks made available throughout the year will be airdropped directly to subscriber wallets as well.

As a subscriber, you will receive:

  • Each new podcast episode automatically airdropped to your wallet
  • Access to a subscriber-only Telegram chat (onboarding instructions here)
  • Access to livestream recordings (e.g. early access to episodes and exclusive unedited footage) and exclusive bonus content in our livestream library
  • The ability to request bonus episodes
  • Automatic whitelist for events, merch, or any new drops

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