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Sean Mundy Hypersub0.007 ETH per mo

Welcome! I wanted to launch this Hypersub for those who are interested in joining me on this journey through life as an artist and supporting/receiving art of mine every month.

Subscriber perks

1. Monthly edition drop (photo/3d based visual art)

In the first week of every month, subscribers will be airdropped an editioned piece of visual art; the size of the edition will be determined by the amount of subscribers that month

2. 1/1 Raffle Access

Every 6 months from launch (June 2024), subscribers will be eligible to win a 1/1 that I’ll airdrop to 1 lucky winner.

3. Access to discounted prints

All subscribers will have access to a discount on prints on my webshop; discount rate will depend on the amount of time subscribed - 15% for 1-2 months, 25% for 3-6 months, and 40% for 12 months.

4. Access to token gated groupchat (hosted on Warpcast)

I’ll be sharing upcoming projects, WIPs, BTS, and announcing new drops/events in the groupchat before anywhere else.

5. Access to allowlist / preferential pricing for future drops

When new drops will be announced, subscribers will have access/first dibs on new mints at discounted rates before pieces go fully public

6. Voting power for future concepts I will create + for breakdown videos I will release (showing PSD and Blender project files)

I’ll regularly share concept sketches with subscribers in the groupchat and have people vote on which concept I should shoot/create next, along with what finished piece I should break down layer by layer on video for people to watch.

7. Access to my eternal gratitude for supporting and joining me on my journey as an artist

Thank you !

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