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Subs Up0.0042 ETH per mo

Hey friends!

I'm a big believer that patronage is the best model for content creators. Find people who love what you do enough to support monthly and you'll never need to go hunting for sponsors to pay the bills.

I'm also a big believer that the future is onchain, so my new monthly patronage subscription, Subs Up is built on top of Hypersub. Each active subscription is a token on the Base network and holding it opens the doors to near infinite possibilities.

Here are just a few of the benefits of supporting (besides helping me stay housed):

Exclusive channel — Active patrons are the only people who can post in /thumbsup, my Farcaster channel. Content that I like will be amplified and I'll even tip some of the best casts!

Group chat — Similar to the channel, active patrons have a way to reach out to me and other patrons to share interesting content, provide feedback on posts, and submit questions to be featured in the newsletter.

Credit where credit is due — My monthly newsletter includes a credits section thanking all patrons active at the time of publishing.

Free stuff — Active patrons get select works of collectible media airdropped right to their wallet. Some months I create a bunch, others I create very little, but I usually retrodrop new patrons a little bundle of art as a welcome gift.

Protocol rewards — Subscriber rewards are enabled at 2.5% with bonus multipliers for early supporters, that means just for becoming a patron, you share in the income generated by the Hypersub! Referral rewards are also active, and set at 5% so bring your friends and get rewarded!

Fine print:

Subs Up is a form of fan-to-creator patronage. It is not payment for a service rendered. While I may choose to refund supporters in some circumstances, this is not guaranteed or explicitly promised. If you don't feel comfortable becoming a patron, please don't. I will continue to make most or all of my content freely available, and there will always be other ways to offer one-off support. Subs Up is simply a means for fans be a part of the Thumbs Up experience.

Fetching subscribers...