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The Blockchain Experience: Premium Membership0.007 ETH per mo

Level Up Your Game

Join an exclusive collective of onchain thought leaders, enthusiasts, artists, founders, and memeologists for VIP privileges, perks, and rewards. Membership is capped at 100.

Our origin story starts with The Blockchain Experience podcast hosted by meta-david which has been running for 2 years and has featured the biggest names in the space: Ray Chan from Memeland/9gag, Base, Optimism, Art Blocks, Exchange Art, Bryan Brinkman, Sabet, Gabe Weis, ARTJEDI1, Nathan A Bauman, Violetta Zironi, Decentraland, Collab.Land, and more!

Our diverse community is joined together in the belief in the power of the blockchain to upend and enhance all facets of our everyday lives.

Your Rewards

  • Airdrop of The Block Magazine: Sent via Zora headlining the biggest topics in the space (cover only).

  • Airdrop of the monthly song: Sent via; exclusive to Premium members and customized to be on-brand with the month and onchain events.

  • 2 Token-gated articles: Insights on what’s hot in the space at the moment to help give you an edge.

  • Token-gated exclusive group chat: Ask the community to help you with anything you need (boosts, support a project/drop, etc). Request future guests for the podcast and input on quests. Vibe and have fun.

  • White/Allow lists: Through my network (look at past guests of the podcast to see what this could look like).

  • 30 Minute consulting session with David (valued at $125): It can be about whatever you want – my background is in product, business development, sales, people management for both small and large tech companies.

  • Priority Warpcast replies & Degen tipping from meta-david: You’ll be first in line to get replies & tips from me on Warpcast.

Bonus Perks (subject to change)

3 Months

  • All perks mentioned above.

  • 1 short-form video of your choice (no inappropriate content; reserve the right to refuse).

6 Months

  • All perks mentioned above.

  • Invite to our virtual podcast studio and watch all our podcast recordings live (you can see the bloopers; meet our show producer, and see what does not make the final cut).

12 Months

  • All perks mentioned above.

  • “Special Thanks” credit on IMDB for 1 season.

24+ Months

  • All perks mentioned above.

  • You can be a guest on our podcast which has a large listenership (Listen notes has ranked us in the top 2% of podcasts globally; guest & topic is subject to my approval)

Join Now

We’re committed to providing a top-notch experience where you have fun, feel appreciated, and get tremendous value back as a Premium member of The Blockchain Experience. Membership is capped at 100.

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