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The Glyph0.025 ETH per wk

onchain sleuthing and insights: ethereum and the superchain

core services

  • onchain sleuthing
    • deanonymize and demystify onchain activity
    • investigating notable onchain transactions and addresses for context, insights, and useful metadata
    • deliverables will come with an associated confidence score

  • onchain insights
    • customizable insights focused on onchain activity on owners, followers, users, or any particular group of wallet addresses or contracts.
    • the core objective of these insights is to deepen your understanding of your community. by leveraging this data, you can fine-tune your content to enhance retention, boost engagement, and fuel loyalty and growth.
    • as onchain metas change and adapt, this data will be maintained and updated on a weekly basis as long as you have an active sub
    • example custom insights page

target audience

  • anyone interested in delving into the onchain interactions for a specific wallet address or group of wallets addresses or contracts
  • onchain content creators
  • hypersub creators
  • founders with onchain user bases
  • daos
  • onchain enthusiasts
  • victims of wallet drains

  • subscribers free to DM me for requests
  • 5% of revenue will be shared with subscribers to incentivize longer subs
  • price is weekly for availability for smaller jobs related to onchain sleuthing.
  • for insights, required at least 1 month subs.


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