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THROUGH LINE0.005 ETH per mo

Proud to debut an onchain subscription for my next project THROUGH LINE.

Subs will receive one free edition of every song along with a pro-rata claim on 25% of all onchain revenue.

Fresh off my first headline tour - THROUGH LINE is a pivotal project for me.

My song “I Just Need” with Lyrah has been having all kinds of crazy moments, from being played during the championship at March Madness to topping the dance radio charts and so much more.

THROUGH LINE is the natural evolution of that sound - capturing moments that reflect my continued exploration of dance music and energy that tastefully blends a late night drive with being in the crowd at one of my shows.

This last year has been the biggest leap of my career as a whole - and I’m excited to be sharing it with all my collectors (old and new) in a format that most accurately reflects the current state of onchain music.

After what was undeniably my biggest project to date with Duality - I wanted to keep the spirit alive of doing something unique for every new album.

For Duality we dropped the Duality Pass - the first 6551 contract on Optimism which gave collectors an edition of every song on the project.

This included tracks like “I Just Need” - my most viral and life-changing song to date.

While the spirit of creating an easy way to collect every song was correct - the nuance around navigating Tokenbound accounts and unwrapping to withdraw certain editions was pretty complicated.

We learned a ton from the process and ultimately decided that this is a better and smoother format to accomplish the same mission.

Why Sub?

It’s the most direct way to support the full project - and to share in its collective success.

I’ve been lucky to do over 200 ETH in primary sales on Sound, including the largest collection on the platform to date for my album “Criteria” back in 2022.

Not only do you get an edition of all the songs - you’re also incentivized to share the music and help it succeed by getting direct upside in its success.

25% of all sales on Sound will be directly routed to the subscriber vault and claimable by everyone here.

How It Works

An edition of every song will be airdropped directly to your wallet on release day.

That starts today with the release of Spaceman - the first single off the new project.

We’re giving it a week to buffer, but will be dropping every new song in your wallet the day it debuts.

On every drop - the subscriber vault contract will be added directly to the Split on Sound, meaning the royalties are automatically routed back to subscribers everytime ETH is withdrawn from the song contract address.

The subscription cost of 0.005 ETH is meant to act as an accessible way for anyone to get access to the full project and have some fun with it’s future success.

I’ll be sharing more on the logic behind this cost and the math behind mint proceeds on Warpcast.

Why Now?

For anyone who’s been a collector of mine for a while - you can tell I’ve been rather quiet lately when it comes to being onchain.

I see this sub as going back to square one - finding my way of tapping back in with what’s happening and creating a pocket to reach a new audience of crypto-natives.

I’ve loosely been following what’s been going on with Farcaster and felt that launching a hypersub was the most direct way of playing around with the tools on the table today.

It’s nothing too crazy - but it lets me dip my toes back in in a format that is directly catered towards crypto-natives.

I hope it resonates and look forward to sharing THROUGH LINE with you.


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