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a e s t h e t i c • club0.02 ETH / mo

Joining Iteration’s a e s t h e t i c • club will give you exclusive access to monthly art drops, raffles for 1/1s, and early access to select drops!

• monthly airdrops

Each month a unique edition will be dropped to your wallet (size of edition will fluctuate with number of unique subscribers)

• early access to select drops

Subscribers will be notified of select future drops and added to allowlist depending on platform and mint type.

• monthly raffles for 1/1s

Every month 1 subscriber selected at random will receive a 1/1 artwork.

• token gated subscriber chat

Receive access to subscriber-only warpcast group chat where you get sneak peeks of artwork and can ask questions about my artistic process.

• If you subscribe for 3+ months, you get a free hoodie from my online shop!

Check out more of my art and stay up to date!

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