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crystalspaceshp0.010 ETH / mo๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿช๐ŸŒด join the crystalspaceshp club to receive cool monthly art, early access to drops and entry into raffles for 1/1 arts! monthly airdrops each month a unique crystalspaceshp edition will be dropped to your wallet. the size of the edition will vary with the number of subscribers. early access to select drops subscribers will be notified 24 hours in advance of select future drops and will be pre-sale or reserve allowlisted depending on the platform and mint type. quarterly raffles for 1/1 arts every 3 months 1 subscriber (selected at random) will receive a 1/1 artwork. the first raffle will be held in may. stay updated ๐Ÿ’Œ follow along on my warpcast channel for further updates. looking to explore more of my art?
m/branson0.010 ETH / mosubscribe to m/branson and receive monthly digital art, early access to moar art + entry into raffles for 1/1 art. there will be a group chat, there will be joy and eventually, a print ship discount too. | | monthly subscriber edition airdrops each month all subscribers will receive a 1/x edition. the size of the edition will fluctuate with the number of unique subscribers and will be targeted for the first week of the month. if that changes due to holiday plans, subscribers will be notified. 24hr early access to upcoming mints subscribers will be notified of future drops and either be pre-sale or reserve allowlisted depending on the platform and mint type (e.g. whether generative or open edition). quarterly raffles for 1/1 artwork 1 unique subscriber every quarter will receive a 1/1 artwork, minted to ethereum erc-721 first raffle will be held end of may 2024. to be selected at random. m/b group chat receive access to a members-only stay updated join m/bransonโ€™s for updates on every subscriber benefit as they drop and evolve (future print shop discount anyone?) earn subscriber rewards long term subscriptions are incentivized with earnings toward 8% of all subscription fees. read more about hypersub'sย
Paper Boy0.10 ETH / moEvery Design Everyday airdropped directly to your wallet. Your onchain paper boy. This subscription is a delivery service that makes minting Design Everydays as convenient as possible. No mint links, no wallet connect, no app switching, no gas fees. Just design concepts delivered straight to you, every day. Why 0.1 ETH? The subscription fee comes out to roughly 0.00365 ETH per airdrop
Salon 0xen0.005 ETH / moSalon 0xen subscribers receive exclusive access to: Monthly Subscriber Edition airdrops Each month subscribers will receive a unique edition. The size of the edition will fluctuate with the number of unique subscribers. 24hr early access to upcoming mints Subscribers will be notified of select open edition mints, and have the option to mint 24hrs before the general public. Monthly raffles for 1/1 works 1 subscriber every month will receive a 1/1 work, chosen at random. Salon 0xen group chat Access to a members-only Warpcast group chat. And more
ARTCASTER0.007 ETH / mo ๐…๐ž๐š๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ž๐ฌ: Monthly airdrop of a new artwork from a new artist. Rotating group of curators. Themes, seasons, and finales. Subscription perks include eligibility for art raffles, allowlist spots to other artist's editions, and collaborations through our community managers. As the subscriber you can vote on what projects/artists you'd like to see us collaborate with. Stay updated by following our Exclusive access to the members-only ๐Œ๐ข๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ข๐จ๐ง: Empowering artists. Showcasing talent. Connecting a community. We're on a mission to celebrate creativity, educate about artists, provide opportunities, and share alpha insights. ๐’๐ฎ๐›๐ฆ๐ข๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ข๐จ๐ง๐ฌ: Calling all artists! Submit your work through the monthly Subscribers enjoy priority submissionsโ€”you can nominate anyone, including yourself. ๐’๐ญ๐š๐ฒ ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ง๐ž๐ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐ฆ๐จ๐ซ๐ž ๐ฉ๐ž๐ซ๐ค๐ฌ ๐ข๐ง ๐ญ๐ก๐ž ๐ง๐ž๐š๐ซ ๐Ÿ๐ฎ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ž! ๐‚๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ญ๐ž๐ ๐›๐ฒ ๐ค๐ข๐ซ๐ญ.๐ž๐ญ๐ก
Muse Token0.008 ETH / moWith a Muse Token subscription, you join a select group of supporters who gain access to exclusive benefits: - Weekly Art Airdrops: Subscribers receive new and exclusive, limited-edition digital artworks every week minted on the Muse Editions contract and airdropped to your wallet. - Exclusive mints: In addition to the airdrops, you'll be allowlisted to a number of exclusive free mints. - Monthly Raffles: Your subscription is your monthly raffle entry for 1/1 artworks. Include your email in your subscription for automatic entry into raffles for physical art pieces, and selected merchandise. - Early Access to my web3 app developments and sneak peeks at new art projects before anyone else, with Muse Token as your all-access pass. - Stay in the know: for updates on every subscriber benefit. You can also - Hypersub Benefits: Take advantage of the Muse Token's integration with Hypersub. Long term subscriptions are incentivized with 4% of all subscription fees going towards - Future Benefits: As I follow the Muse, the benefits will evolve. Join and be the first to see where creativity takes us. Joining Muse Token means becoming part of a community that's closely connected to the evolving journey of digital art onchain.
Studio 2 by ccarella0.002 ETH / moStudio 2 Membership Get full onchain access to my art studio. Everything I mint, I will send you one. Studio 2: Edition Artwork Receive an artwork each month titled Studio 2: X meant to represent the studio for the month. Inspiration Releases I make a lot of art. When inspiration strikes, I will create editions for subscribers. Essays I will share Final Draft Essays with Studio 2 Members first for feedback.
ABANDONED CURIOSITIES0.005 ETH / moCome for the outcasts, and I will make sure you stay for the art. What art though? MONTHLY AIRDROPS One limited edition artwork will be airdropped to your wallet each month. EXCLUSIVE ACCESS: If I ever have another cool idea like the outcasts, you will be the first to know. Also, the first in line. BUT, IS THAT ALL? For now, yes. I believe in less is more, and consciously choose to set low expectations than under-deliver. This hypersub will continue to grow and evolve and will take different shapes over-time, so bear with me.
yungwknd0.007 ETH / moyungwknd membership Subscribers get a number of benefits that may change over time! Right now benefits include: Print Giveaways Once every 2 weeks, I'll select a random subscriber and make a custom print for them based on my project. I'll work with the winner to define a color palette, curate their favorite output, and print and ship worldwide! NFT Giveaways Once every 2 weeks (alternating with prints) I'll giveaway a mint from an existing project of mine. The next one will be a Early Product Testing This month, the product is Any subscribers get free beta access to use it! --- all this & more in my exclusive warpcast channel
Patrons of Blue0.010 ETH / moPatrons of Blue, is a space for art enthusiasts and collectors, anchored by my vision to infuse the world with the calming and peaceful essence of blue. what the 12-month timeline looks like 1. monthly editions drops - airdropped to all patrons at the time of snapshot 2. raffles for two 1/1s (at the end of 6m and 12m) - patrons with a full set are eligible to enter the raffle 3. allowlist for future drops with projects (current roster of projects include The Memes by 6529, Complaint Cards (not) by 6529, The Meme Lab by 6529 and Based Management) 4. patrons with a subscription of 6m or more will be entered into a raffle for my meme card โ€˜BlueGMโ€™. every additional month subscribed on top of 6 increases your chances (capped at 12 months with 2x the chances) building a blue open metaverse, one blue artwork at a time.
CLUB TED0.008 ETH / moAs a member of Club Ted, you will have access to exclusive content, private digital + IRL experiences, brand deals, and NFT drops. CONTENT: 1. token-gated group chat, capped at 69 2. token-gated frames content that only members can see 3. token-gated monthly Paragraph newsletter (surprise!) 4. handwritten monthly letter :) DIGITAL + IRL EXPERIENCES: 1. token-gated livestreams (2x a month) similar to the "Topics of Controversy" dinner series 2. private online poker games (2x a month), capped at 10 per game 3. private office hours (whenever you need) for product feedback, beta user testing, pitch practice, you name it. 4. private in-person happy hours or dinners in los angeles or whatever city i may be in BRAND DEALS + DROPS: 1. free merch (!!) released quarterly 2. monthly CLUB TED ad print (NFT) 3. discounts and early access to products from brand partnerships
0xDesign Vending Machine8800 USDC / moGet direct and instant access to a Discord channel where you can ask me ( for product design support. After minting your token, head to to get started. How it works: This subscription token gives you access to a gated discord chat where we can collaborate. Upon joining, you'll verify ownership of this token and be onboarded into your own private channel. Your Discord access expires when your token expires. Examples of what you can ask for: 1. Audit your product or feature 2. Redesign a screen or flow 3. Imagine a new feature What you canโ€™t ask for: 1. Build a website 2. Code anything 3. Design a social media post 4. Promote your product Instant design requests Describe what you need in as little or as much detail as possible and I'll make design suggestions based on what I know. I'll sometimes ask clarifying questions, but the goal is to support as efficiently as possible. One request at a time You can ask me for as many things as you'd like and we'll work together to prioritize and break down asks into trackable requests. Most requests can be completed one by one in 2 business days on average. Sometimes faster. If your ask is complicated it might take longer, but Iโ€™ll always communicate when you can expect to see progress. Seamless progress tracking Making a request is as simple as sending a Discord message. All asks are converted to tasks directly in Discord, where you can track and monitor progress at any time. Async Communication No calls. No scheduling ping pong. Just a simple chat to share ideas and designs. Designed in Figma I use Figma for all design projects, making any development and handoff as simple and easy as possible. -- Disclaimer: This token enables access to design advisory and consulting on a request-basis, and does not entitle the holder to a full-time freelance effort. I reserve the right to refuse work if itโ€™s not a good fit and will provide refunds for unused time at my discretion.
Shadows0.03 ETH / moShadows is a hyper-creative literature project being written by LGHT x AI LLMs. It already has a plot, setting, main characters, and ~ 5 chapters written. Subscribers are not responsible for writing Shadows, but can have an influence on its direction. Rewards are tiered by time allotment: 1m = 1 airdrop per month related to the novel. 3m = airdrops + bonus 1/1 raffles quarterly. 6m = airdrops + bonus raffles + bonus media. 1yr = all the above + creative direction privileges Outside of direct impact on the novel, subscribers will receive media, art, character designs, and whole chapters pre-publishing. Once Shadows is finished there will be a funding event (onchain) to publish physical copies. Certain tiers will have privileges in that event as well as opportunities to earn from book sales.
CoLector0.0007 ETH / moAs a CoLector you get exclusive access to the growing collection from an OG Farcaster artist & Airdrops for your friends. Chris has been creating unique CoCreated pieces with and for the Farcaster community since February 2023. The CoLector token shows some of the highlights of the first year on FC. The work explores the collaborative potential of everyone, and the creative community that onchain enables. You Will Get - Airdrop of a ChrisCoCreated piece every month - Airdrops for Friends: For every month you are subscribed ahead you can nominate a friend for an airdrop also - eg if you are currently subscribed for 3 months then you get the piece AND you can nominate 2 friends for the airdrop (max 5) - Unique access to ChrisCoCreated's work: some pieces will be exclusive to CoLectors If you want to be intimately involved in what Chris is creating then consider the instead. CoLaboration is the future of creation, and CoLecting is the fuel. Join in ๐ŸŽˆ
CoLaborator0.010 ETH / moBe part of CoCreated. I'm creating art with, and within, a Farcaster Community & Client. Working to nourish us, push our thinking forward about how art is made and experienced, and to challenge us on how we live well in our web3 enabled future. CoLaborate as a subscriber and help fuel our CoCreated future as part of the core community. You will get: - CoCreated piece airdropped each month - Limited edition versions just for CoLaborators - Participation in limited access pieces including the CoLaborator balloon - Curate the art we collect as a community & share of the art vault - Participation in CoCreation live workshops - Access to members only functionality in the client - Your own CoFID - Early and Backstage access - Additional airdrops from ChrisCoCreated - Core Community to shape this experiment I don't want funds to be a barrier to collaborating. If the CoLaborator ask is beyond reach message me If you'd rather collect rather than collaborate, or want to dip your toe in CoCreated, consider the
SU MERCENARY PROGRAM798 USDC / moMenacing title aside, the Sirsu Mercenary Program is a monthly subscription to use my design skills to work on bounties, github explorations, and any other small sized design work to add a lift to your projects. The work would likely be designed live on stream where you and others can see the work manifest in real time and poke in the figma in the process. The stream acts as my proof of work, minting the stream onchain is my attestation of the work created, and is a unique take on portfolio work. Examples of work: - - - Examples of stream session: - ---- All requests will be submitted to a queue sheet in airtable. Sorted by deadline or rough estimation of time, the work will begin with a stream link where we hash out the details live and I promptly go to work to knockout a first pass within the main session (up to 8 hours). These works are meant to act as 0-1 design sprints and express the main touchpoints of your ask. These works are polished enough for any particular launches but would require follow up assistance to cover edge cases or new features. Also, if you refer others to my work, you'll be part of the subscriber rewards program. What are you waiting for? Send me to my next assignment.
SU CUSTOM GEAR BOX0.10 ETH / moSo this is more like what you might be accustomed to if you get those subscription boxes. So this is sort of the same. The Sirsu twist is that you'll be getting knickknacks that I've made by hand or relatively made by me lol Boxes will be gifted at the end of each month and will be different every time. Things you can expect in the box: - Custom tee - Custom hat - Mini Booklet - USB Drive (like usb club) - 3D Printed Toy - Lithographs - Tarot Cards - Experimental Glasses - Collage Art - Custom Sketchbook - and more! The value of these items is not readily quantifiable so I might lose money BUT that's not particularly the point of this. If I get some $$ to make some unique things for people every month, that's priceless to me.
Song A Day0.02 ETH / moHi! I've been writing a song a day since January 1, 2009. I learned about ten years ago, when I first set up my Patreon, that it's never a good idea to offer subscribers any perks or anything, because it ends up being a whole lot of extra work that I simply don't have the bandwidth for. I write a song a day. It's a lot! If you'd like to subscribe and receive an edition of each day's song automatically, that's great! If not, that's ok too.
$degen sub10000 DEGEN / wkThis is a /degen owned marketing department Quick links โ€” gated goodies โ€” official channel NFTS โ€” 001 ๐ŸŽฉ โ€” 002 ๐ŸŽฉ Here's how it works โ€” Each week, Iโ€™ll do 1 to 2 design livestreams in Figma โ€” Iโ€™ll work exclusively on $degen-related design tasks โ€” Subscribers will get the Figma link so they can get in and, idk, degen Iโ€™ll prioritise tasks based on length of sub time, so if you want to jump the queue, you know what you gotta do ๐ŸŽฉ The goal here is to make content that gets people to talk about $DEGEN (and have some fun in the process), so in that spirit, 50% of sub revenue gets shared among all subscribers tldr 10,000 DEGEN / wk 50% subscriber rewards 10% referral rewards ๐ŸŽฉ
Red Sub (BASE)3300 USDC / moThis is an unlimited design subscription. You can create unlimited design requests and Iโ€™ll close them off one by one. I focus on 0 โ†’ 1 brand, web & MVP design. Recently, I worked on and This hypersub is also available on and โ†’ Questions? HMU on or โ†’ to pay with Credit Card โ†’ FAQ:
Proxy Studio0.005 ETH / moproxy studio is an open venture studio on farcaster subscribers will receive: a weekly newsletter on emerging projects & narratives to follow on farcaster, minted as an NFT gated access to the proxy studio & private chat, where all studio projects will be developed and tested prior to launch. discounted mints & other surprises from Studio experiments 5% subscriber rewards & more, to be revealed following our official studio launch... follow for updates
i am sitting in a smart contract0.005 ETH / moThis is a Hypersub nichรฉ where I am experimenting at the intersection of art and economic design through the ever-emergent blockspace mechanism markets. I invite those who would like to experiment at the intersection of especially smart contract standards, and conceptual art. Here is our private chat group on Warpcast. Here is our creative and artist application DeForm for cooperative artistic enterprises. Monthly perks will include bi-weekly artistic airdrops to subscribers, weekly short-form analyses on the art at the intersection of finance, governance, and community bootstrapping mechanisms. It's a de facto learning and experimenting space. I have put the price at 0.005 ETH for the beginning, and shared a 10% earn rewards pool allocation so that community might have the means to passively earn, too.
UFO Network Pass0.001 ETH / moUFO is a network of artists, musicians, writers, founders, builders and collectives from around the world. We are an onchain radio station, magazine and club for music, arts and ideas. The Network Pass is for UFO contributors. The token enables broadcast access on Membership is by invitation and not for sale.
NoYore0.01 ETH / qtr11 (9 as of 2.1.24) favorite shots by, only for subscribers & 9 written pieces by, framing Filmatree 7 game pieces from the first Filmatree, only for subscribers 5 P-S from M 3 private game keys 1 Live piece + 2 B&W to gift out 1 place for it all of '24 - right here, on this Hypersub _ Only 43 left
Lazlo Lissitsky Atelier Sessions0.03 ETH / moA generative modernist/swiss modern ERC-721 just for you each month. These are the results of time spent in the atelier studio with Lazlo, designs used for print materials of the mundane and fantastic.
Subs Up0.004 ETH / moHey friends! With my new monthly patronage pledge, Subs Up, you can help make my content creation sustainable and to earn special perks and rewards for doing so! Here's how: Mint the Hypersub NFT relative to the number of months for which you wish to support. Your "subscription" is a form of long-term patronage; how long is entirely up to you. Becoming a patron offers no financial return, and no guarantees, however, there are some... Perks & Rewards: - Group chat: Warpcast users will have access to a group chat where I notify patrons of new content, ask them questions, engage in general discussion, and more. - Q&A: For as long as a patron is active, they can submit questions that I'll publicly answer in the newsletter. As the number of patrons grows I may even introduce regular AMA style newsletters filled with patron's questions. - Recognition: Each newsletter will include a credits section with a list of all patrons active at the time of publishing. - NFTs: During each month of active subscription, holders may receive airdrops from my various art projects. Paid mints may be discounted, whitelisted, or airdropped at my discretion. - Subscriber rewards are enabled at 2.5% with bonus multipliers for early supporters, that means just for becoming a patron, you share in the income generated by the Hypersub! - Referral rewards are set at 5% so bring your friends and get rewarded! Stretch goals: - audio versions of articles - Bonus AMA newsletters - Video content with patron credits Fine print: Subs Up is a form of fan-to-creator patronage. It is not payment for a service rendered. While I may choose to refund supporters in some circumstances, this is not guaranteed or explicitly promised. My intention is to make this a long-term, sustainable project but if my circumstances change I will respond accordingly. If you don't feel comfortable offering up this kind of support, please don't. I will continue to make most or all of my content freely available for so long as I create content. And there will always be other ways to offer one-off support. Subs Up is simply a means for fans who want to encourage this project to continue and come along for the journey.
FILTER8 CLUB0.002 ETH / moSUBSCRIBE TO THE FILTER8 CLUB & RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO: Monthly Airdrop: ## Each month subscribers will airdropped a unique onchain edition on Base. The size of the edition will depend on the number of unique subscribers of this month. View the edition : Monthly Basepaint Raffle: Subscribers will be part of a monthly raffle for a unique 1/1 artwork minted on Physical Drops: As a subscriber you will be given exclusive access & discounts to the token-gated online store. And many more crazy things to come โ€ฆ
TW0.008 ETH / moI'm making music, visual art, and new writing that spans theory, poetry, and critical interrogation of web3 concepts. As a gift for your patronage, I will reciprocate: Music Perks Early Access to New Tracks: Be the first to listen to new music before it's officially released to "the public," whoever that is. Behind-the-Scenes Content: Gain exclusive access to videos, photos, and stories showcasing the creative process, including studio sessions, songwriting back stories, and production insights. Work in Progress Samples: Receive snippets of upcoming songs, orchestrations, or performances and have the opportunity to provide feedback, directly influencing my creative process. Visual Art Perks Exclusive Mints: Access limited edition NFTs of visual art that are only available to subscribers. Airdrops: Enjoy periodic airdrops of new NFTs as a reward for your loyalty, which could include unique digital art pieces, variations of existing works, or collaborative pieces with other artists. First Access to Physical Works: I'm sorting through my archive that spans ~20 years of work. Get the first opportunity to purchase or redeem for physical versions of artwork, such as prints, canvases, or other artifacts, before they are offered to "the public." Who is that again? Art Creation Process: Receive exclusive content that showcases the art creation process, from initial sketches to the final touches. Subscriber-Only Commissions: Have the chance to commission personalized artwork, offering a unique way to engage with me. Text Perks Access to Archived Writings: Dive into a curated selection of unpublished manuscripts. Commission Opportunities: Get the unique chance to commission personalized writing pieces, tailoring content to your interests or needs. Subscriber-Only Content: Enjoy behind-the-scenes insights, early access to upcoming work, and subscriber-exclusive newsletters filled with unique thoughts and updates. By subscribing and taking advantage of these perks, youโ€™ll be fostering a closer relationship with the creative process while providing a stable revenue stream to support ongoing creative projects.
Purp's Growth Tank0.02 ETH / moThe main focus of this hypersub will be to build an independent network of collectors and farcast network participants and use that social capital to create partnerships and other growth catalysts for projects in treasury. We will use a portion of assets acquired and use /sudoswap to responsibly distribute nfts at levels above floor and using lp strategies for distributing portions of coins farmed to avoid market sales. These fees and proceeds will be distributed to hypersub holders through their rewards system to incentive participation. Fees/funds from sales from treasury assets and yield farming will be distributed amongst the community at following rates once a month among currently subscribed holders: 15% among all holders who subscribe at least 1 year 10% among all 6-11 months 5% any less than 6 months In Addition 30% will stay in treasury to continue operations
// grey0.007 ETH / moAs I dive deeper into the world of words, I can't help myself from tapping into creative waves. Pulling towards writing, designing, and building representations of our social interactions. After 5 years of adopting technology, writing 500k+ words, and building literacy of the world around me. I want to draft a design language, that helps all coming after me to adopt technology. Through fashion. This subscription provides us : 1. Early access to everything I'm working on (software, design, fashion) w/GC. 2. Farcaster stories that create positive sum futures. 3. Time-capsule discount(s) (%tdb). 4. Help (n:n) on creative work. 5. Weekly writings & bi-weekly conversations intersecting technology, history, and our world of fabric. I imagine this will evolve as we dive deeper in the body of work but the anticipation is to create a trail of work that tells a narrative that grows understanding, not dissonance. Between technology and design language, in fashion and more. P.S. As much as I can, I'll commit funds within these subscriptions to active members to help achieve some of their own creative work. So consider this an accountability account too. Co-create. cc/VA
True Believer0.002 ETH / moA Degen's Bet on Creativity and Chaos GM fellow degens and seekers of the uncharted web3 realms! ๐Ÿซก I'm inviting you to take a leap into the unknown with meโ€”where creativity meets the digital frontier head-on, and where the journey's outcome is as unpredictable as a roll of the dice. This is an alignment to roll deep with me who's been navigating the digital before Google was a household name. REAL DEAL Unfiltered-ish Access: Dive into the depths of my mind, where I explore, investigate, and shout from mountain tops (both digital and literal). You're getting the first look at my ramblings, creative endeavors, and the occasional groundbreaking insight that could either be the next big thing or just another day on the internet. or not. I may drop a 1/1 or sign a book, who knows. Real Connections: Beyond the digital collectibles and early access to my brain dumps, you're here for the camaraderie. This is your ticket to joining a community that values curiosity, creativity, and a bit of chaos. Plus there could be more since you've been here since the beginning. Expect the Unexpected: Sure, there might be surprises, but let's keep it 100โ€”this is about sharing the adventure, whether we find treasure or just a good story to tell. No gimmicks, just genuine, "what the heck was that?" moments that make life exciting. A Community Effort: Your voice, your ideas, and your wild theories are what fuel this journey. This is an invitation to build, question, and dream alongside me and fellow true believers. The Degen Disclaimer: Let's face it, rolling with this hypersub is a bet on the futureโ€”on my future, our future, and the wild, unpredictable twists of web3. IFKYK. If not, google me. It could be everything. It could be nothing. But at the end of the day, you're aligning with a visionary, supporting a creative spirit that's been part of the internet's fabric since its infancy. Let's make some memories. Join me. At worst, we'll have a blast and document some transactions on the blockchain. At best, we'll make history. You can find me littered around the blockchains. Here's links to some of my existing works and musings. Tezos Solana ETH Zora website
Eluno Intro Sub275 USDC / moEluno is a bespoke consulting subscription that allows you to plan, prioritize, and execute against strategic initiatives without having to permanently increase the size of your team. OVERVIEW: As a subscriber of Eluno, you can leverage my diverse background in consulting, healthcare IT, program delivery, and emerging technologies, with extensive experience working in leadership roles at companies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Slalom Consulting, and Microsoft. SERVICES OFFERED: I am offering to meet with you for two hours per week, up to four times per month, to address your unique needs and challenges. Examples of things you may need support with include, but not limited to: - Conduct a review of business or product strategies. - Assist in developing business cases, proposals, or statements of work. - Perform a comprehensive analysis of marketing strategies or go-to-market plans. - Offer insights on branding or design enhancements. - Deliver targeted feedback on documentation. - Give detailed product/UX feedback. - Conduct hands-on product testing. - Optimize client onboarding processes. - Refine and polish pitch decks. HOW IT WORKS: Once your purchase is confirmed via, reach out to me directly on or to arrange a one-hour kickoff call. During this time, we'll delve into your specific needs in greater detail and begin formulating a plan of action. QUESTIONS: Not sure if this is right for you, then feel free to hit me up on or first. I'm available for the following: - free, 30-min. phone consultation to better understand your needs. - 60-min. phone consultation for $50. - Standard time-and-materials engagement starting at $125/hr. - Fixed-fee engagement based on an agreed upon scope and time frame. Disclaimer: This token enables access to strategic advisory and consulting services on a request-basis and does not entitle the holder to a full-time freelance effort. I reserve the right to refuse work if it's not a good fit and will provide refunds for unused time at my discretion.
many such cases :)0.002 ETH / mosubscribe for: - episode airdrops - subscriber-only - and more :)
Product design sub for indie hackers2138 USDC / moMonthly amplifying product design subscription for degens, indie hackers, solopreneurs and bootstrappers This is a lighter intensity sub vs Rules - Unlimited design requests. - One at a time. - Up to 5 days turnaround. - Unlimited iterations. - Private Slack/Telegram channel for quick consulting, ideas etc. How it works 1. Subscribe. 2. Get an onboarding email. 2.1 Optional intro call 3. Request designs - Join your private slack channel and a trello board to request, manage and track progress. Typical requests amply is focused on all things product to get the UX right, UI clean, Brand on point and growth certain. - Consulting. - Design audit. - Website design. - Logo. - Branding. - MVP. - Product design. - Product updates. - Product hunt launch assets. - Other growth marketing needs. - Simple Framer pages or updates. What we're not working on, at least directly: - Anything outside Figma/Framer. - Complex graphics. - Animations. - 3d. - Coding. Recent work samples in Instant availability No contracts to sign, no hiring hassle. Fixed fee. Get onboarded in max 24h and start describing what you need, put in as many details as possible for a faster turnaround and better quality. One request at a time You can put in unlimited requests and then we can work together, prioritise and break them down into more digestible pieces to be delivered in time. Async No meetings. No scheduling. Only a chat to clarify or share ideas + trello for managing, tracking and reviewing requests. Indie partner is not a good fit if - You're an established company with lots of design needs, and want quick iteration for a month+ - You require meetings. - You don't need ongoing design help. --- --- Book an intro here through --- Who's behind? Just me, Maksim! Feel free to reach out and see what I'm up to:,, --- Are you ready to amplify?
Fargi Explorers Club0.002 ETH / moFargi Explorers Club Designed to catapult the platform into the spotlight by harnessing the power of an existing million-plus non-crypto social media following and guiding them through a series of engaging initiatives. The strategy includes leveraging influencers, interactive narratives, and exclusive collectibles to drive positive exposure and adoption, ultimately aiming to onboard new users and skyrocket community engagement. Key Highlights: ๐ŸŸฃ Utilize a strong existing following on major social platforms to transition fans to the farcaster and crypto community. ๐ŸŸฃ Engage users with a story-driven campaign leading to a giveaway, stimulating interest and participation. ๐ŸŸฃ Introduce 'Fargi' collectibles and the 'Farcon' event to deepen community interaction and loyalty. ๐ŸŸฃ Reinforce growth by reinvesting all funds raised back into the project, ensuring sustainable development. More to come!