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Prohibition Daily Subscription0.08 ETH per mo

Prohibition Daily Subscription

Join the Exclusive Club of Collectors

Subscribe Today and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

Experience the best of Prohibition Daily with our exclusive subscription service. By subscribing, you join a unique club of collectors and receive a variety of benefits designed to enhance your NFT experience.


What You Get:

  • Daily Airdrops: Receive every Prohibition Daily NFT directly to your wallet, every weekday. No need to mint manually – we do it for you.
  • Private Group Chat: Gain access to a token-gated group chat with fellow collectors and artists.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Updates: Get exclusive previews of upcoming drops and insights into the creative process.
  • Special Mints: Participate in special mints available only to subscribers.
  • Artist Selection: Have a say in choosing new artists for upcoming drops.
  • Early Access and Discounts: Enjoy early access to select drops and discounts on special editions.
  • Exclusive Events: Invitation to private events and meetups with artists and the Prohibition team.
  • Customizable Collecting Experience: Choose to receive notifications for specific types of art or artists.

Why Subscribe?

Our subscription service makes it easier than ever to collect unique digital art. With Prohibition Daily, you can enjoy:

  • Convenience: No mint links, no wallet connect, no app switching, and no gas fees.
  • Diverse Art: From established names to newcomers, every day brings something new and exciting.
  • Community: Engage with other passionate collectors and artists in our private chat.
  • Influence: Help shape the future of Prohibition Daily by voting on upcoming artists and features.

How It Works

  1. Subscribe: Sign up for the Prohibition Daily subscription service.
  2. Daily Drops: Every weekday, an NFT will be airdropped directly to your wallet.
  3. Engage: Join the private group chat, participate in special mints, and influence future drops.

Join Now

Become a Prohibition Daily subscriber today and be part of an exclusive community. Don’t miss out on daily airdrops, exclusive perks, and the chance to shape the future of NFT collecting.

Prohibition Daily

Stay Updated: Join the conversation on /prohibition for the latest drop news and updates.

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