Hypersummer0.001 ETH per wk
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Hypersummer0.001 ETH per wk

Hypersummer is an onchain creative bundle from Hypersub, launched in collaboration with Base's Onchain Summer.

We’ve curated some of the best artists, creators, and pieces from the Hypersub ecosystem, available to you for one month through a single subscription token.

Subscribing to Hypersummer will get you:

  • Curated Hypersubs. Subscribers will get one month free to Terminally Onchain by YB, ZIPS by LGHT, Seraphim Club by Gabriel, and many such cases by Jonny & Ted, giving you access to all of their drops and perks for the entire month.
  • New Hypersubs. In partnership with Hypersummer, we’ve got a lineup of creators and communities giving one-month free to brand new Hypersubs that they launch throughout the month.
  • Yon Frula Curated Drop. Artist Yon Frula has curated two of his favorite rising artists to produce works airdropped exclusively to Hypersummer subscribers.
  • Hyperactive Podcast Drops. Hyperactive is our walk-and-talk creator interview series. All new episodes will be airdropped exclusively to Hypersummer subscribers.

For the cost of a coffee, you’ll get bundled access to a curated selection of the entire Hypersub ecosystem, bringing you the best of what onchain media has to offer. All proceeds will be donated to Stand with Crypto.

Bring on Hypersummer.

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