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Hello! This is Borodutch.

πŸ‘‰ Already a member? Join the private group chat! πŸ‘ˆ

I have launched over 50 IT products, of which 32 are still alive, and I have gathered 84,739,365 users. You can view real-time statistics for each project at

I have figured out what works and what doesn't when launching IT projects.

I know exactly what needs to be done to launch an MVP in 2-6 weeks and attract the first users. I know how to release a solution to the market that the creators and real users need.

For the past few years, I have been trying to find a cozy community of serial launchers like myself.

A community of people who love to create MVPs quickly, cheaply, and immediately test the demand in the live market. Unfortunately, no matter how much I searched, there was chaos with wannabe startuppers who just wanted to chat but not launch.

That's why I decided to create my own private Club.

It should include only people who are actually launching products, not those who chew their cud for half a year to a year, launch some nonsense nobody needs to the market, and become disillusioned with the IT industry, falling into a prolonged depression. We say a firm β€œNo” to depression and whining!

The main goal of your membership in the Borodutch Club is to launch your product, test business hypotheses, and subsequently refine the product based on user feedback.

In our Club, we launch an MVP and immediately find users instead of bringing a complicated solution that nobody needs to the market. The standard product launch process looks like this:

  1. Draw project layout on paper by hand
  2. Check-in layouts with the Club and me
  3. Turn layouts into designs with a designer
  4. Check-in the design with the Club and me
  5. Develop the product with a programmer
  6. Launch and search for the first users
  7. Improve the product based on user feedback

This is an elite Club, and membership costs $100 per month.

Two important aspects determine the price. First, the paywall helps to weed out people who will not benefit from the Club β€” such people do not need the Club, and the Club does not need them. Secondly, launching a product is not an expensive, but also not a cheap journey. Consider that $100 monthly will be a small percentage of your spending on the launch.

What do you get for $100 a month?

Access to the private warpcast chat with no-bullshit product launchers who don’t whine for years about the difficulties of launching but just do it

Your own skin in the game because having paid money, your inner critic will definitely make you work

Direct line of communication with me, advice, mentoring support, help at every stage of product launch: I will help simplify where it needs to be simplified and clarify where it needs to be clarified; help choose a good technology stack, find a good developer, designer, copywriter β€” in general, create all the conditions for you to launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Borodutch Club launch my project for me?

No, you pay $100 monthly for access to the Club and me personally. You will be helped with advice, finding contractors, simplifying the product concept, and choosing a business hypothesis, but not with the actual development, launch, promotion, and the rest. I expect all Club members to act independently.

Do you have any designers and programmers you can suggest?

No, but we will help you find them on open platforms, write the correct job description, and negotiate the work process.

So, am I just paying for access to a private chat?

Yes, exactly. But the people in this private chat are worth their weight in gold.

What if I don’t like the Club or realize I don’t need it?

You can always unsubscribe from the paid subscription and thus leave the Club. If you do this within your first month in the Club, your money for the first month will be refunded (you need to contact me for the refund). The possibility of refunding any money for the subscription expires one calendar month after the Club membership starts.

Ready to launch? LFG!!!

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