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Candle is a light in the darkness. It's a simple way to see, smell, heat, and track time. It's a wick embedded in wax.

And Candle is a group of onchain people building, believing, and becoming together.

šŸœ‚šŸœ‚šŸœ‚ š°š”ššš­ š²šØš® š šžš­

ā€¢ exclusive group chat where I share alpha, ideas, in-progress work, consumer crypto thoughts, and exclusives

ā€¢ revenue and income share from projects & investments, starting with 41% of Candle's subscriber revenue.

ā€¢ exclusive livestreams

ā€¢ office hours for design or product feedback, architecture discussions, and startup/fundraising chat

ā€¢ i reserve the right to provide more value

šŸœ‚šŸœ‚šŸœ‚ š°š”šØ ššš¦ š¢

I'm Derek, founder & CEO of Bunches.

I code, design, and build products used by hundreds of thousands of people.

I've raised millions from fantastic investors like Compound, Homebrew, Spice Capital, Blockchange, Dan Romero, and Seed Club Ventures. I've sold a company as CEO. I've been involved in fundraises from first check to Series D.

I've led teams large (LinkedIn, Addepar) and small (Exeq, Bunches).

I'm very online and onchain. Been in the space since 2013. Writing contracts since 2017. FID #193.

I recently lost nearly everything I owned.

And I refuse to live dimly.

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