$degen sub10000 DEGEN / wk
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$degen sub10000 DEGEN / wk

This is a /degen owned marketing department

Quick links

— gated goodies bit.ly/degen-paragraph
— official channel /degensub


— 001 🎩 "THE TWENTY-SIX"

Here's how it works

— Each week, I’ll do 1 to 2 design livestreams in Figma
— I’ll work exclusively on $degen-related design tasks
— Subscribers will get the Figma link so they can get in and, idk, degen

I’ll prioritise tasks based on length of sub time, so if you want to jump the queue, you know what you gotta do 🎩

The goal here is to make content that gets people to talk about $DEGEN (and have some fun in the process), so in that spirit, 50% of sub revenue gets shared among all subscribers


10,000 DEGEN / wk
50% subscriber rewards
10% referral rewards