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Guild members are integral to what we're building at Good News OnChain. By joining the Guild, you will participate in meaningful dialogues, make valuable connections, and receive advice from our core team members. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Exclusive Content: Guild members are airdropped episodes and articles, ensuring you’re always the first to access our latest content.

First Access to Partner Allowlists: Gain early access to exclusive opportunities and events through our partner networks.

Revenue Sharing: Share in our success through our revenue-sharing program, where 10% of Guild subscriber revenue is distributed back to our members.

Affiliate Program: Earn rewards by bringing in new Guild members through our affiliate program, with an increased affiliate percentage of 50%.

Strategy and Advice: Receive personalized advice and strategic insights from our core team, helping you grow and succeed.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a collaborative environment where we support and uplift each other.

Guild Member Chat: Enjoy a safe space to talk, share, and build friendships with people who are all about positivity.

In-Person Meetups: Participate in real-world meetups to strengthen our community bonds and experience the joy of connection face-to-face.

NFC-Enabled Merchandise (Coming Soon): Get ready for exclusive experiences accessible through NFC-enabled merchandise for Guild members.

Join the Good News Guild today and become a key collaborator in our journey.

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