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Good News VIP Lounge0.30 ETH / mo

Elevate your visibility and access with our exclusive Good News VIP Lounge Subscription, designed for those looking to make a significant impact and gain exposure and access to the burgeoning world of Web 3.

As a Good News Partner, you'll enjoy premier positioning and amplification on our core weekly show with TIMEPieces, highlighted as an official Good News VIP. This opportunity goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to join the stage during live shows for a 5-minute spot to share your product or project with an engaged audience eager to hear what you have to offer. ' Additionally, you'll receive a special shout-out in our widely read weekly Good News top stories round-up, featured on Medium and promoted on X and Farcaster, further amplifying your message and reaching an audience hungry for positive, innovative content.

We include a monthly 1-hour group strategy call with Rad and Rachel to ensure you fully capitalize on your Good News Show partnership. They'll work with you to tailor your message and strategy, maximizing your visibility and impact throughout your month-long or long-term partnership.

Don't miss your chance to shine alongside The Good News Show, where your project or product can be part of the narrative that's shaping a brighter future.

Jump in the Good News VIP Lounge to join us as a Good News Partner, and let's make headlines together.

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