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A subscription to support the creative writing process I am about to embark on. Merging technical topics in web3, fashion, and personal storytelling. Intended to bridge the design language between digital and physical worlds.

As I dive deeper into the world of words, I can't help myself from tapping into creative waves.

Pulling towards writing, designing, and building representations of our social interactions.

After 5 years of adopting technology, writing 500k+ words, and building literacy of the world around me.

I want to draft a design language, that helps all coming after me to adopt technology.

This subscription provides us :

  1. Early access to everything I'm working on (software, design, fashion) w/GC.
  2. Farcaster stories that create positive sum futures.
  3. Time-capsule discount(s) (%tdb).
  4. Help (n:n) on creative work.
  5. Weekly writings & bi-weekly conversations intersecting technology, history, and our world of fabric.

I imagine this will evolve as we dive deeper in the body of work but the anticipation is to create a trail of work that tells a narrative that grows understanding, not dissonance.

Between technology and design language, in fashion and more.

P.S. As much as I can, I'll commit funds within these subscriptions to active members to help achieve some of their own creative work. So consider this an accountability account too. Co-create.


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