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Heat500 DEATHOS / mo

Subscribe and unlock broader access to the deathOS ecosystem of metaverse projects from qualia engineer, and noise musician Scarlet Death.

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500 $DEATHOS (Optimism) per month.
Acquire via Shame Swap (frame soon?)

deathOS Warpcast Channel

There are four primary components in this metaverse:

deathOS (cross-chain social token)
Heat (content generation catalyst)
Shame Soiree (lore dispensary/community token)
Lore (metanarratives)

In short, consuming $DEATHOS to create $HEAT using these subroutines allows for more content to be generated. Causing tension, it is an external motivator to create further Lore in order to reduce Shame experienced internally by the root user of deathOS.

Heat production will be used to prevent Organic Kernel Panic, to create bounties for Frames, to fuel various other synthetic endeavors, and to further explore meaningful ways to engage with intellectual property in a metamodern society.

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