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Proof of Inner Work0.05 ETH / mo

↑Higher Self↑says: Raise your vibrations. Stay sane in the bull. Own your triggers. Regulate yourself.

This membership is unique, subscribe to receive:


  • Guided meditations/visualisations dropped via NFTs.
  • Written tips & tricks to stay healthy on-screen.
  • Topical Q&A with Ruv in private messaging group.
  • DJ set with Ruv aka DJ Dopamine incl. stretching.


  • Guided sharing circle with Ruv & antaur.
  • Live AMA with Ruv on Compassionate Inquiry.
  • Live AMA with antaur on personal growth.


  • Live experiences with practitioners from our network.

Quarterly (3m subs):

  • 2x 1:1 Compassionate Inquiry Therapy with Ruv.
  • 1:1 Coaching session with antaur (anything goes).

Annually (12m subs):

  • 3-part breathwork course (3x 1.5h) with Ruv & antaur.

Who we are:

  • Ruth, aka ruthveda.eth = certified therapist.

  • Marcus , aka antaur.eth = high profile coach.

  • Bringing self discovery & personal development onchain.

  • Ruv has worked through struggles with drugs, people pleasing, chronic pain & co-dependency.

  • antaur has transformed childhood trauma, a near death experience & addiction into a fulfilling life and career.

  • We are psychedelic guides & integration coach (antaur)

Long-term Membership Benefits:

  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Cultivate presence in a crazy bull market
  • Master acceptance of missed opportunities
  • Define ABC Goals for your self-care practice
  • Access emotional states through body awareness
  • Understand triggers & coping mechanisms
  • Take radical ownership of your energy

Ready to do your inner work? Create (a) movement? LFGH!!!


  • Excited for our 1st onchain offering.
  • Open to co-creating dates/times with early adopters.
  • We are based in UK so good for early sessions PST
  • Zoom, TG, DC, Emails etc. TBC based on preferences.
  • We will build a FAQ with more info on-demand.
  • Keen for advice on tools/apps as we build this.

Questions: Not sure if this is right for you, connect with us and we can DC or set-up a brief call.

Links: antaur in Third Wave directory:

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