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❍rnaməntal6969 DEGEN / mo

❍rnaməntal is dedicated to building delightful user experiences on farcaster, blending your casts with artistic application experiences . . . your subscription directly supports this mission, so we hope you'll enjoy the below perks while contributing to the growth and evolution of something special

☞ early access to new frames: subscribers get first dibs on ❍rnaməntal's latest creations, allowing you to decorate your farcaster profile with unique and captivating frames before anyone else

☞ early access to limited edition merch: as a subscriber, you're at the front of the line for exclusive merchandise, including limited edition qr code magnets, adding a physical element to your ❍rnaməntal experience (physical pickup only in NY, LA & SF)

☞ priority minting: gain early access to minting of new releases, to ensure you'll have the opportunity to own a piece of ❍rnaməntal history before it's available to the wider public

☞ exclusive group chat access: engage in private discussions with a community of like-minded individuals in ❍rnaməntal's subscriber-only group chat, to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback directly with creators and fellow supporters

☞ general good vibes: above all, subscribers receive the intrinsic satisfaction and positive energy that come from directly supporting ❍rnaməntal, your contribution helps us continue to innovate and create delightful user experiences on farcaster

☞ revenue sharing: subscribers receive 6.9%

made with ♡ by @jrf and @0xconca.eth

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