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SE6: Will Work for Warps0.010 ETH / mo

Jook Tuley Toons drop every Tues & Thurs for 5 weeks.

Season 6 is underway and it's been a blast ((if you sub now you will get any avail characters from the season airdropped))

In addition to SE6 we're experimenting with Zora's new erc-20 features and making toons for some of the new erc-20 communities popping up like 🎩, 🍖, and ↑ plus doing 1/1's for collectors and early supporters.

If you have ideas or want to see something happen let me know.

Jook Tuley Toons are bizarre, silly and erratic.

Jook Tuley is for the people, all toons are cc-by-sa. Let's build with these characters.

1/1 Auctions + Custom Opportunities.

Let's world build together

Fetching subscribers...