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Shadows0.03 ETH / mo

Shadows is a hyper-creative literature project being written by LGHT x AI LLMs. It already has a plot, setting, main characters, and ~ 5 chapters written.

Subscribers are not responsible for writing Shadows, but can have an influence on its direction.

Rewards are tiered by time allotment:

1m = 1 airdrop per month related to the novel. 3m = airdrops + bonus 1/1 raffles quarterly. 6m = airdrops + bonus raffles + bonus media. 1yr = all the above + creative direction privileges

Outside of direct impact on the novel, subscribers will receive media, art, character designs, and whole chapters pre-publishing.

Once Shadows is finished there will be a funding event (onchain) to publish physical copies. Certain tiers will have privileges in that event as well as opportunities to earn from book sales.

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