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Subs Up0.004 ETH / mo

Hey friends!

After nearly three years of Thumbs Up content across social feeds, blogging platforms, and video channels, I've explored a lot of ways to build sustainable income from this project. Unfortunately, while I continue to create content month after month and build an incredibible following, it's often far from adequately compensating all the time and effort involved. Nevertheless, I persevere...

The creator economy might be the best thing web2 brought to us but it's far from perfect. It's bordered, gate-kept, and inflexible. That's why I abandoned it and went all in on web3 with a unique patronage NFT all the way back in 2022. Hypersub feels like the the natural evolution of what I was aiming for with that project.

So, with my new monthly patronage pledge, Subs Up, you can help make this project sustainable and to make it your own.

Here's how:

Mint the Hypersub NFT relative to the number of months for which you wish to become a patron. Your "subscription" is a form of long-term patronage and how long is entirely up to you. Becoming a patron offers no financial return, and no guarantees, however, I will work hard to reward patrons with a number of perks, including some which are unlocked cumulatively as the number of active patrons grows. More on that below.

Perks and Bonuses:

  • Q&A: For as long as a patron is active, they will have direct line of communication with me, allowing them to send in questions and comments which I will try to incorporate into future content. One example of this is Q&A, a feature for existing patrons that allows them to ask a question to be answered long-form in the monthly newsletter. Question-askers may request to be anonymous or have their social handle/ENS featured as a form of self-promotion.
  • Recognition: Each newsletter will include a list of all patrons active at the time of publishing. For patrons with higher value commitments there may be additional flair to indicate their support.
  • NFTs: During each month of active subscription, holders will receive any free mints from my various art projects as airdrops. Paid mints (should they occur) will either be discounted, whitelisted, airdropped at my discretion.
  • Subscriber rewards are enabled at 2.5% with bonus multipliers for early supporters.
  • Referral rewards are set at 5%
  • If I should ever create a FriendsTech style pay-to-join chat experience (unlikely, but possible), patrons who've supported for 6 months or more will be airdropped a key.

Cumulative Rewards:

  • During each month where there are 25 or more active patrons, a bonus issue of the newsletter will be released, dedicated to those patrons. This is on top of the one guaranteed issue. Like other issues, this will feature a list of all active patrons at the time of publishing.
  • During each month where there are 50 or more active patrons, I will release a video on YouTube (and/or whatever video platforms I am focused on) aimed at educating and entertaining viewers. This video will feature a credits section at the end which lists all active subscribers at the time of publishing.
  • During the first month where there are 100 or more active patrons, I will provide an update on additional perks to be unlocked in future. Likely more written and video content as well as more consistent art drops.

Fine print:

Subs Up is a form of artist patronage. It is not payment for a service rendered. While I may choose to refund supporters if I fail to meet the aforementioned goals or if I am forced to abandon this project for any reason, this is not guaranteed or explicitly promised. My intention is to make this a long-term, sustainable, content creator-to-fan patronage play, but I reserve the right to rug pull. If you don't feel comfortable offering up this kind of support, please don't. I will continue to make most or all of my content freely available for so long as I create content. And there will always be other ways to offer one-off support. Subs Up is simply a means for fans who want to encourage this project to continue. Nothing more, nothing less.