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I'm making music, visual art, and new writing that spans theory, poetry, and critical interrogation of web3 concepts.

As a gift for your patronage, I will reciprocate:

Music Perks

Early Access to New Tracks: Be the first to listen to new music before it's officially released to "the public," whoever that is.

Behind-the-Scenes Content: Gain exclusive access to videos, photos, and stories showcasing the creative process, including studio sessions, songwriting back stories, and production insights.

Work in Progress Samples: Receive snippets of upcoming songs, orchestrations, or performances and have the opportunity to provide feedback, directly influencing my creative process.

Visual Art Perks

Exclusive Mints: Access limited edition NFTs of visual art that are only available to subscribers.

Airdrops: Enjoy periodic airdrops of new NFTs as a reward for your loyalty, which could include unique digital art pieces, variations of existing works, or collaborative pieces with other artists.

First Access to Physical Works: I'm sorting through my archive that spans ~20 years of work. Get the first opportunity to purchase or redeem for physical versions of artwork, such as prints, canvases, or other artifacts, before they are offered to "the public." Who is that again?

Art Creation Process: Receive exclusive content that showcases the art creation process, from initial sketches to the final touches.

Subscriber-Only Commissions: Have the chance to commission personalized artwork, offering a unique way to engage with me.

Text Perks

Access to Archived Writings: Dive into a curated selection of unpublished manuscripts.

Commission Opportunities: Get the unique chance to commission personalized writing pieces, tailoring content to your interests or needs.

Subscriber-Only Content: Enjoy behind-the-scenes insights, early access to upcoming work, and subscriber-exclusive newsletters filled with unique thoughts and updates.

By subscribing and taking advantage of these perks, you’ll be fostering a closer relationship with the creative process while providing a stable revenue stream to support ongoing creative projects.

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