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CoLaborator0.010 ETH / mo

Be part of CoCreated. I'm creating art with, and within, a Farcaster Community & Client. Working to nourish us, push our thinking forward about how art is made and experienced, and to challenge us on how we live well in our web3 enabled future.

Explore the experimental client

See my previous work and underlying approach

CoLaborate as a subscriber and help fuel our CoCreated future as part of the core community.

You will get:

  • CoCreated piece airdropped each month
  • Limited edition versions just for CoLaborators
  • Participation in limited access pieces including the CoLaborator balloon
  • Curate the art we collect as a community & share of the art vault
  • Participation in CoCreation live workshops
  • Access to members only functionality in the client
  • Your own CoFID
  • Early and Backstage access
  • Additional airdrops from ChrisCoCreated
  • Core Community to shape this experiment

I don't want funds to be a barrier to collaborating. If the CoLaborator ask is beyond reach message me

If you'd rather collect rather than collaborate, or want to dip your toe in CoCreated, consider the CoLector Sub 0.000721 ETH