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CoLector0.0007 ETH / mo

As a CoLector you get exclusive access to the growing collection from an OG Farcaster artist & Airdrops for your friends.

Chris has been creating unique CoCreated pieces with and for the Farcaster community since February 2023.

The CoLector token shows some of the highlights of the first year on FC.

The work explores the collaborative potential of everyone, and the creative community that onchain enables.

You Will Get

  • Airdrop of a ChrisCoCreated piece every month
  • Airdrops for Friends: For every month you are subscribed ahead you can nominate a friend for an airdrop also - eg if you are currently subscribed for 3 months then you get the piece AND you can nominate 2 friends for the airdrop (max 5)
  • Unique access to ChrisCoCreated's work: some pieces will be exclusive to CoLectors

If you want to be intimately involved in what Chris is creating then consider the CoLaborator subscription instead.

CoLaboration is the future of creation, and CoLecting is the fuel. Join in 🎈

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